Cohesion in the Confusion

Relevant Technologies: Project Server implementation with custom javascript and ASP.NET components.

Facilitated design thinking workshops to help the team drive out requirements and knowledge for redesigning of client resource management sites. Led additional ad-hoc meetings and conversation to further shape deliverables for customer definitions and their flows through resource management sites. Became an instrumental part in helping new team members acclimate to our delivery process and the city. Championed team collaboration ideas which provided an avenue for the team to be more cohesive as the engagement and timeline was aggressive towards delivery.

Projecting Resource Capacity and Baselines

Provided design direction and deliverables for two phases of an integrated portfolio management project for a global energy brand. Facilitated communication through iterations with  tertiary client sponsors to drive out requirements and synthesize those into a consistent visual design. The design was flexible and addressed complex concepts within graphs and Gantt charts to make the UI more efficient when used. Design approach allowed for users to effectively create forecasts and reports to use when determining resource allocation and gaps in coverage over a time period. This allowed for better estimation of training capabilities and hiring capacity.

* Due to the confidential nature of client work, I have not posted imagery of the solution here. please contact me for images: