High Volume in Branded Goods

Relevant Technologies: Internal application built on WPF for European market and a Windows 8.1 application for tablets.

The solution was for the XD team to help build an application that improved productivity for the buying admin team to receive and manage product purchases and their information while in transit to their final destinations. This process also involved procurement and shipping, as they would need to efficiently process the purchased items in the system. The application needed to work seamlessly with a companion Windows 8.1 application the buyers used, that we were creating, to shape deals on the fly with clients and process them onsite. The UI for both applications needed to support efficiency, productivity, and modern UI best practices to address the user types for both applications.

Worked closely with the client BA team and UK counterpart to create wireframes and UI requirements from the business requirements. Also presented UX best practices through wireframes and high fidelity comps to both US and European stakeholders. Managed UX workstream with UK counterpart allowing for the PMO to focus on delivering the technical aspects of the project. Helped refine the budget to include a visual design team to bring to life the wireframes and the modern look the client was looking for. Orchestrated a consistent design approach among US and European client and development teams to make the projects successful.

Backseat Driving Toward Success

Supported additional ad-hoc meetings and conversation to further shape deliverables for customer definitions and their flows through desktop and tablet applications. Was a key part in helping the digital strategy team understand how to align the development requirements with the stakeholder goals for the project. Guided presentations and positioning of conversations that supported the development team and the digital strategy team’s focus toward building out the client’s requirements.



* Due to the confidential nature of client work, I have not posted imagery of the solution here. please contact me for images: graphics@deandredesign.com.