Simplifying Complex Coverage

Relevant Technologies: Customer portal was built on Sitecore with Bootstrap UI components and customer support team application built in CRM with custom XAML containers.

Client wanted to update their customer portal and customer support team’s way of interacting to increase quality and satisfaction for both user groups. The opportunity was to create a user-focused interface that promoted the client’s core values while meeting the needs of the user groups. The solution was to include XD team to design and organize the two projects to share a consistent look and feel further strengthening the client brand. For portal, the design direction centered on a “mobile first” approach to optimize the site for the increasing mobile market of the client. Also, to simplify transactions making it more self-service for the customers. For support team application, the design focused on efficiency in identifying customers, their needs, and transactions for them. This led with the idea of providing a “360-degree view of the customer” when they began communications with the support team, which allows for a better customer experience.

Came in the project midway through and provided experienced guidance for Sitecore development in regards to XD involvement with focus on end user and the content author. Also led the XD team in shaping scope and communications with the team on processes toward success on the project. Set up and led collaboration meetings with client’s subject matter team to gain understanding in the nuances of the UI requirements. Worked through revisions to create documentation to deliver to development team. Managed scope of support team application project as focus on the UI became paramount in the integration with the portal. Also created and delivered wireframes and UI guidance to client for approval.

* Due to the confidential nature of client work, I have not posted imagery of the solution here. please contact me for images: