Making it User Focused Care

Relevant Technologies: Medical provider portal site built on Sitecore 8.x with custom ASP.NET controls and Foundation UI components.

The client’s provider portal was outdated and out of sync with disparate systems feeding in data. They also need to revamp the way they aided users in solving problems, and each one required unique navigation, content, and tools in a single platform with a powerful CMS and DMS tool. The solution was for the XD team to redesign the flow to patient data and useful tools for medical providers through quality user research and stakeholder interviews.

Co-facilitated workshops and discussions with multiple providers in-person and remotely to drive out direction to improve the portal. Led the team in digesting the data gained into actionable personas to set a foundation for all work streams to align moving forward. Also led and worked on various aspects of the UX deliverables to ensure stakeholders were able to approve the direction as it was being developed in parallel to use cases and user stories. Co-facilitated usability testing of clickable wireframes and subsequent HTML prototype to further inject improvements into the development cycle.

* Due to the confidential nature of client work, I have not posted imagery of the solution here. please contact me for images: