I am a UX manager and design practitioner who specializes in delivering user-centered design solutions for globally diverse clients. Clients span across many different industries and represent varied experiences on digital platforms. I inform design direction in industries that include: financial technology, online marketing, medical care, real estate, creative agencies, energy, community marketplaces, property and casualty insurance, global retail merchandising, automotive and semiconductor supply. Cultivating communication, collaboration, and leadership skills and experience has been my work focus as it aligns with my core desires in life.

UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group

My core desire is to add value to any team, relationship, and situation I find myself in. As a creative person, I also desire to continue growing my abilities to communicate and be light-hearted with a positive attitude. With an eye toward effective communication, I love to tackle problems at all levels and help others reach new levels of success. This has led to successes in many areas of my life. I recently attained certification in user experience from Nielsen Norman Group. With a specialty designation in UX Management, I trained in guiding digital design standards within organizations while maintaining their consistency on all digital platforms at scale.

Professional Scrum with UX from Scrum.org

To strengthen my core desire, I pursued learning more ways creative work streams can integrate within delivery teams. As designers, we are constantly asked to advocate for users and their experiences with the solution a product or service aims to provide. This advocacy for positive experiences should not only be an end, but be the focus of the means of the team. When everyone on a delivery team contributes to the outcome of the end-user’s experience, impact can abound. Seeking this knowledge has led me to attain certification in the scrum delivery methodology with UX from Scrum.org. With this certification I am able to lead a creative work stream within scrum development teams.

Key Skills

  • Design and UI team management to increase individual growth and organizational impact
  • Stakeholder interviews to drive out scope and solution capabilities
  • Cross-functional team guidance for consistency and user-focused quality
  • Requirements gathering for business, user, and technical needs
  • Usability testing and user research through workshop activities, wireframes, and prototype generation
  • User-focused research to gather valuable data for developing personas and user flows
  • Heuristic analysis of primary or adjacent “jobs-to-be-done” to prioritize design and development backlogs
  • Design System alignment to product roadmaps to elevate work output

Creative Overflow

I truly take pride in helping companies reach their user goals as they achieve business objectives. My detail oriented approach gives me joy and allows me to be creative outside of “work” as well. I have taken this mentality into all of my creative pursuits. I said all of this to say, I love being a creative and especially a designer. All aspects of life are designed, and I am thankful that I get live what I love each day.