Summing It Up

DeAndre Hutton is a UX and Visual Design practitioner who specializes in delivering user-centered design solutions for clients in many different markets and digital platforms. He currently utilizes his skills in stakeholder interviews and design direction guidance with teams for projects, but also likes to roll up his sleeves when needed and work within his teams. His skills extend into requirements gathering, wireframe generation, UI/UX best practices application, user-focused research, marketing, user flows and brand initiatives.

DeAndre has extensive experience aligning stakeholders, generating design assets and leading design programs for small, medium and enterprise level companies. He has informed design direction in markets including online and offline marketing, medical care, real estate management, design agency, energy, community marketplace, property and medical coverage, global retail merchandising and the automotive industry.

DeAndre’s expertise includes logo and word mark creation and afforded him honors in over 10 international publications over a mere 5-year timeframe. He has crafted experience direction and graphics for concepts and company values that are in use in websites, web and desktop applications, mobile applications, and games. He has helped clients improve user engagement in various technologies through visual and experience design strategies/methodologies and user/customer research. He takes pride and pleasure in helping companies reach their user goals in parallel with achieving business objectives.

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