DeAndre is a Visual Designer and UX Architect. He has an unhealthy obsession with graphics, logos, and icons…when not focusing on wireframes and user flows. He finds joy in graphic representations of concepts in a sea of content, controls, and functionality.

Style Guide: Carrizo Oil & Gas

For this project I had to create style tiles through high fidelity comps to convey the look and feel of their SharePoint intranet and extranet. The public facing website features a plain and simple layout with very little imagery around their information.

Style Tiles vs. Mood Boards

Mood boards allowed clients to see the design vision through textures and color selections organized in one place. The only fault in the concept is the actual board, as it does not give a valid glimpse of how element relationships could be solved.

ABS Accounting Site Update

The update was made to increase the user experience and interaction with the site. Taking ideas from “notepads”, the main landing page displays excerpts of the posts in a dynamic way. A user can filter the posts by a single category of multiple categories.

Case Study: City of Houston Graphic

The image gave the City of Houston website a much needed boost towards their gradual redesign of the site. And even though the final result was a simple rearrangement and addition to the original, it solved the communication for the client in a clean and professional manner.

UX: Paul Hastings Search Component

I few elements were mandatory within the search component, but I was able to create a simple basic experience that the user could quickly identify its purpose and engage in its usage.

UX: My Shop Pilot Grocery Mobile App

This data is useful, but they were not utilizing it in a way to increase long-tail sales and promote more customer loyalty.

UX and Style Guide: Tishman Speyer

The current version was not working well for them. It was not only confusing users but did not hold the same values that the company prides itself on. They needed a look that conveyed sophistication and clarity.

Case Study: MLK Citywide Celebration

So the challenge has been conveying these qualities in different ways to energize and invigorate the community to come to the cultural events and honor his legacy. I approached each year by researching his speeches and looking through imagery.

User Experience: WellDirect Application

For this project I had to dive deep into the world of drilling and the key personas involved in the management and work of well operations. These personas were then flushed out with assistance from SMEs and other industry resources.

Graphics and Imagery

I thoroughly enjoy getting the opportunity to use my passion to help people communicate visually.