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I have taken many unsuccessful  projects at various phases and turned them around successfully. This helped shape my process for  supporting my teams and delivering experiences. I aim to grow my teams, designers and cross-functional abilities to impact a project or organization in positive ways. I believe the building blocks of success when managing people and projects are supported with solid processes. I focus on capabilities that are important to developing my processes and these help me deliver successfully with my teams.
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As a passionate designer, I take my creativity to work and on non-related work projects. I believe good design should be available to all and I try to leave each project, organization, or event better than when I started. With cultivating networks and key connections, I have been fortunate to deliver designs for non-profit organizations that aim to meet the needs of the people they serve and make an impact on their communities. I have also creatively problem solved for small companies that could not afford a big agency budget to pursue their brand and organizational missions. Through my designs I have helped many organizations and have been rewarded for it with honors and features.
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