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I have taken many projects from unsuccessful to successful starting from different phases. These have helped shape my process for  supporting my teams and delivering experiences. I aim to grow my teams, designers and cross-functional, ability to impact a project or the organization in positive ways. I believe building blocks of success in managing people and projects are supported with solid processes. I have honed in on capabilities I find important to develop my processes. In any combination, these help me deliver successfully with my teams.
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About Me

As a UX manager and design practitioner, I specialize in delivering user-centered design solutions for globally diverse clients. Clients span across different industries and represent various experiences on digital platforms. I have informed design direction in industries that include: financial technology, online marketing, medical care, real estate, creative agencies, energy, community marketplace, property and casualty insurance, global retail merchandising, automotive and semiconductor supplier. Cultivating communication, collaboration, and leadership skills and experience has been my work focus as it aligns with my core desires in life.
Key Skills:
  • Design and UI team management to increase individual growth and organizational impact
  • Stakeholder interviews to drive out scope and solution capabilities
  • Cross-functional team guidance for consistency and user-focused quality
  • Requirements gathering for business, user, and technical needs
  • Usability testing and user research through workshop activities, wireframes, and prototype generation
  • User-focused research to gather valuable data for developing personas and user flows
  • Heuristic analysis of primary or adjacent "jobs-to-be-done" to prioritize design and development backlogs
  • Design System alignment to product roadmaps to elevate work output
"I assume I am right."
"Let's collaborate for a solution."
"I don't want to assume, let's research."

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