Non-Profit: Design For a Cause

I have crafted graphics for communication pieces on websites, applications, mobile applications, and games. I help organizations improve user engagement on various technologies through visual design, experience design strategies/methodologies, and user research. This is the leading task for my work now — taking the complex or disorganized pieces and turning them into a concept that is clear and organized for users. I have had the honor of delivering solutions for Fortune 100 and 500 level organizations across the world. I also deliver the same level of quality for non-profits, startups, and small businesses. The projects from these smaller organizations give me the chance to deliver quality design work and collaborate with people from all different backgrounds and experience levels.

Austin Citywide MLK Celebration

My approach to creating the concept and graphics each year for Austin’s citywide MLK celebration stems from my desire to communicate– my desire to share what I see, feel, hear and reflect on in my life in Austin Texas. I grew up in Austin during the 90s and saw the city transform. This transformation represents diverse experiences for my family and I, even in the present day. My experiences and ability to communicate in visual form help me generate imagery that radiates where I feel Austin and the United States are in cultural comparison to MLK’s legacy. Each year I deepen my knowledge of his leadership, words, thoughts, and life through photos of him, books about him and his speeches. He speaks beyond his recorded conversations and speeches about a vision that mixes hope with reality and communicates the change he expects to see in the world. I challenge myself to this same approach, but to use my graphics as my vehicle to share the hope of our community, mixing in the reality we face in the world. I aim to continue in this way for our communities, my children, and future generations to glean perspectives on how we strived to live life as people seeking freedom for all.